I believe every company should have the business insights they need

And does not have to cost a fortune.

Let me help you kick start your way to clarity.

I have helped large brands as Pandora Jewelry for many years and have a bunch of dashboards throughout more than 8 years in Visdata.

Start right away with ready-made dashboards.

You can develop further from here.

Templates will make it easy for you to get the same look and feel.

All my dashboard solutions are well documented so you will know whats behind every calculation and how data from various sources are treated.

Get dashboards, that have already proven their value

The solutions delivered are based in the 8+ years experience with medium and large customers.

You will be able to deliver data driven insights

Some of them not possible through other solutions.

You will be advanced in taking data driven marketing area.

Power BI Newsletter dashboard

Avoid the costly traps or even stagnation

Don’t believe that you have to buy expensive solutions to achieve the same goal.

Or even worse, stop moving forward while your competitors do and loose important insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Move from a less positive situation where…….

you are not delivering the insights/reports expected from their boss, board of directors etc.

To be considered as a
first-mover in data-driven decision making

 and provide insights that otherwise would cost a fortune.